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An effective search engine optimization campaign just include a robust content marketing campaign. The days of writing 400-700 work blogs and ranking for a specific keyword are long gone. Search engines are now looking for 1000-2000+ top quality, engaging content to rank.  A Wip  content marketing campaign is one that connects people to a message through creativity and technology. It must create an emotionally pleasant and entertaining experience, while still connecting a product or service to a memory

Our team of writers will create, edit and submit articles with your company as a team to be sure all content is unique, relevant and optimized

Wip Marketing has a four part system to create an effective search engine optimization campaign to take your brand viral


If content is KING, then blogging is his CROWN


Focusing on one to two keywords per post keeps the blog post heading in the same direction. The goal of the message should be narrow enough for us to optimize it for search engines to drive traffic, which is the overall goal of the blog.

Visual Media

The Ace up your sleeve to boost blog engagement. We help you create blog “eye-candy” that is paired with your unique written content such as  enhanced images, videos, infographics, and slideshows. This is what drives users to view and read your content as it is previewed on your blog feed or redirected from your social media platforms.

Backlinks and Anchor Text

We then build backlinks to your blog post and website that are relevant to the goal of each post. We then leverage our media partners to boost the posts on industry specific sites. If you are looking to get a blog/article published in a magazine publication or on other media sources like morning television shows/news programs, we offer our clients this service by leverage our media partners at Be Social PR.

Data Analytics

Every move we make through social media, content creation, visual media placement and media driven measures the users experience. Data analytics from heat maps recording high and low click/scroll areas, time spent on pages, origins of traffic redirected to your website, unique views on posts all are measurable and transparent. The analytics give us the information needed to tell us what is and isn’t working. We then implement changes to optimize conversions that drive profitable traffic.


Content is KING

More important than anything else, ask yourself, are you creating quality unique content!?! You must be consistantly creating new high quality content, both written and media for the search engines to crawl while using your keywords, or die a slow death in rankings

picture of wip marketing content is king


Content is KING

When something new goes viral enough, Google, Bing and Yahoo look to gather “fresh”, quality information about it and index it at the top. The “fresher” and more relevant the content, along with matching activity from social media and connecting backlinks, the higher the rankings

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Public Relations

creating the public interest

We are partnered with Be Social PR, a Southern California powerhouse public relations company for a variety of media and digital publicity services. This department is only available to select clients who’s company and products meet the criteria to create mainstream exposure across major media outlets.  PR services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Media Relations 
  • Product Placement 
  • Media Outreach 
  • Content Creation 
  • Press Collateral 
  • Grassroots Marketing
  •  Secure Speaking Engagements 
  • Cross-Promotion & Partnership Opportunities 
  • Editorial Placement 
  • Media Training


Digital Publicity Services include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Blogger Relations & Blogger Outreach Campaigns 
  • Influencer Relations & Influencer Outreach Campaigns 
  • Blogger & Influencer Seeding 
  • Instagram Collaborations & Instagram Influencer Seeding 
  • Blogger & Influencer Management

picture of wip marketing client media segmentpicture of wip marketing and be social public relations client wip surf

picture of wip marketing and be social pr content marketing

Social Media

the community traffic driver

Social Media is highly important to search engines like Google because it simply cannot be ignored. People use social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Linkedin and other platforms that drive a mass amount of traffic to websites. To stay ahead of the game, it is imperative that you consistently produce unique quality content on social channels that align best with your brand.

We can help by creating and managing your customized social media campaign across all your social networks to leave your competition in the dust. 

Data Driven Analytics

Just like we do with out SEO and blogging campaigns, data analytics plays a huge role in how we create our plan of attack, and how we adjust our methods when needed.

Brand Management

Not only can we handle the content posting, linking and optimizing social media networks, we also offer the management of on-going interaction and “human behavior” across your channels. This is where we will engage with prospective customers through social media by answering product questions, monitoring/removing negative comments, and even target which customers are candidates for additional sales.

Reputation Management

Negative comments can severely damage a bussiness, especially because they are usually highly visible. Wip Marketing works to encourage positive experience comments across social channels, create positive press releases and  highlight continuous business innovations. You will not receive fake reviews out of us.

Visual Media

link bait and eye candy

Visual media is the first impression people give a specific post, a line of product, or anything related to your business. It is how we are wired as humans. Our job is to create that spark in the audiences head that intrigues them to want to explore more.

Wip Marketing can deliver visual engagement pieces such as photography, product placement photo shoots, video and animation. For our clients interested in a product demonstration video or animation, we partner with a great crew who will work with us from concept to final cut to create the best “salesman” your company has ever employed. 

picture of a motorcycle as fresh content marketing wip marketing

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It’s a beautiful thing when everything works together

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